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Chelsea 2 Arsenal 1

Such an amazing game...at least that's what I gather from what I've read. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any US networks aired the League Cup Final (what did I expect, though...this is America), so alas, I will not see what have probably been the most exciting 101 minutes of football so far this season, at least for Chelsea and Arsenal. Firstly, yay for JT being okay - and it was really nice to read about the quick response that both the players and the medical staff gave, realizing the gravity of the situation. Then, two sensational goals from Didi, strikes against the woodwork for Lampsy and Sheva, and what I can only assume was a very exciting 30 second brawl in the last few minutes of stoppage time. Say what you will about fighting on the pitch, but I absolutely love angry guys and watching fights. Maybe it's from taking karate for 9 years...maybe it's just part of my personality. Either way, it apparently was a very exciting final, well worth fans' time and money and travel...if only the goddamn US networks would air it.

On another subject, boo to my computer being sent away to be fixed AGAIN. It went away at this exact same time last year. Oh well, better for the problems to happen now, while it's still under warranty. Come June, I'm going to have to start treating it nicely for the first time in 3 years, because I'll have to pay to fix it if it's broken.
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