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As much as I hate this break and I wish it would be over, I know that when I go back to school, everything is still going to suck a lot. And even when the semester is over, I mean, what if I don't have an internship for the summer? Then I have to worry about finding a job or, worse, working at the Skyline for another summer, and then it's right back to school, with shitty senior year with it's late beginning and late ending and short Christmas break that will be made even shorter by the fact that I have to take a stupid wintersession class and then it's the last semester of my entire college career and then I have to graduate and pay back my loans and have a real job and it's just so much pressure and I can't handle it and I'm so fucking depressed right now it's not even funny.

And to top it all off, I'm freezing and I've been freezing for...ever since I got home in December and I'm pretty sure my electric blanket is dead because I used it too much.

Why don't things work out?

I seriously can't handle my life right now.
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