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*stay sweetly numb*

The 35 days since I turned 20 have been the longest of my life. And I am not enjoying them at all. Even Thanksgiving wasn't that great.

I've done stupid thing after stupid thing and overreacted countless times, and yet I still don't seem to have learned from my mistakes. I feel like I would commit any of them again right away. I'm not finding it easier to deal with what's bothering me. I'm the same person I was when I was 18, which is awful, because it's been 2 years, and you would think I would grow or something. I wish I wasn't so immature about things. I wish I could accept that even though I haven't changed, everyone else has.

I am so frustrated with some people. I try to forget it because it's not worth it to be upset, but I can't stop dwelling on things. My brain is overactive.

I am unhappy with almost every aspect of my life right now. And I can't seem to get my thoughts straight.

I think I only got 2 A's this semester. :-(
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