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Soundtrack to my Life

Open iTunes, put it on shuffle, and then change the song for each of the songs to find your movie soundtrack...

Stolen from some people on Facebook.

1. Opening Credits: Escape from Hellview – cKy
2. Waking Up: Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey
3. First Day At School: Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
4. Falling In Love: La Tortura – Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz
5. Fight Song: Born Like This – Three Days Grace
6. Breaking Up: Heavily Broken – The Veronicas
7. Prom: We Were Made For Each Other/You Can Breathe – Jack’s Mannequin
8. Life's OK: The Final Countdown - Europe
9. Mental Breakdown: Over and Over – Three Days Grace
10. Driving: Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers
11. Flashback: Dressed to Kill – A New Found Glory
12. Getting Back Together: Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
13. Wedding: Right Here - Staind
14. Birth of Child: Another Perfect Day – American Hi-Fi
15. Final Battle: Pain – Jimmy Eat World
16. Death Scene: Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance
17. Funeral Song: Vendetta Red Cried Rape on Their Date With Destiny – Vendetta Red
18. End Credits: Remember the Name – Fort Minor

...this is never going to go away. :-\
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