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Cabin 2006!!!!

Last night we went to Heidi's grandfather's cabin again. It was great fun, just like the first time (although I think the first time was better...but this time definitely did not disappoint).

Sarah, Heidi and I got there first. It was pouring rain on the way there but the sun came out by the time we got there, so the only thing we had to worry about was the trail up the cabin, which was full of water at some points. Sarah's car made it though. When we got our stuff inside, we decided to take a hike up the opposite side of the cabin that we went last year. We didn't go very far, only about 15 minutes, because it was getting really windy and branches were falling all around us. I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to drop it, but we found part of a deer skeleton again, this time a lower leg and paw. It still had blood on it.

So we went back down the hill to the cabin - which was a little scary for me because of my ankle - and when we got there Heidi realized she'd forgotten the key, because when I asked her before we left if she had the key she said yes - but she was carrying her car keys. So we had to break into the cabin. Heidi climbed in through one of the windows after we pulled out the screen.

When we got inside we started the fire, because it was absolutely freezing. For the next few hours, Sarah read curled up on the small couch in front of the fire, and Heidi and I peeled potatoes and did other things to keep ourselves occupied while we waited for the boys. We started the grill, which took about an hour or so. We got really worried because it was getting dark out and it's not exactly easy to find the cabin in the dark, especially this year because the leaves are still all on the trees and you can't see the house from the trail. They got lost on their way up, but after a few phone calls we got them straightened out and they got to Traver Hollow Road. But they had to stop at the point where the road turns into a trail, because there were phone lines down and a huge ass tree was blocking the way...there was no way to get through in Schab's van, and they tried to move the tree, but it wouldn't budge. Apparently the wind that was taking down branches all around us on our hike was also taking down trees. We did hear a few big cracks that sounded dangerous.

So Heidi and I decided we would try to meet them halfway down the trail. We took a candle, which of course didn't make it far because of the wind, and two cell phones, the glows of which weren't really very reassuring. We didn't go too far down the hill. It was really scary. We decided we'd start cooking the steaks instead, and as we were putting them on the grill, the guys were coming up the hill.

So once everyone was inside, the guys took over cooking the steak (Schab was "in charge" haha) and the rest of us kind of just hung out while Heidi finished cooking our food. Everyone wanted their steaks medium rare, but I don't like blood, so I made a face and Prinz said he would cook part of a steak longer for me. He brought both of them back in and one of them was a little more cooked than the other. He cut it open for me and it was a little rarer than I like it, but I didn't want him to have to go back outside and cook a piece more, so I just figured I'd eat it. It didn't seem too bloody. It was funny though because he was brandishing the huge fork and spatula at me saying, "If you don't like this, Wendy, I'm going to take it as an insult. Are you sure you don't want it cooked more? I'll cook it more. Just tell me to. Are you sure?" It was a had-to-be-there moment, but it was funny.

Meanwhile, Heidi made a shitload of potatoes and not enough corn (although really it was enough, it was just funny because she made 6 huge potatoes and half a bag of frozen corn for 7 people...the proportions were odd). But the meal was very good. Afterwards, we drew for Cranium teams. Cranium, for those of you who don't know, is the highlight of the cabin time. It is the absolute best game EVER. The first round, I was on Pony with Prinz, Maynes, and Sarah, and Heidi, Schab, and Scotty were on Red Rum. The second round we did boys vs. girls. Sadly, the boys won that round...but Pony won the first round so that's okay! I couldn't possibly write down everything that was said during those two games, but I will list a few random funny notes for my own future reference:

-Curls & Swirls, the JK
-Bunny Hut
-Golden Arches
-Schab can't read, but he can spell.
-Maynes's rolling skills
-Schab as Batman, my Batman shirt
-Schizophrenic Swimming
-Rock, paper, scissors
-Schab's humming "skills"
-Sarah is the new Heidi
-Paul Revere is my uncle.
-Stabby things

There was way more and I'm sad I can't remember it all, but those were probably the highlights.

During the first round, we heard someone at the door, which obviously freaked us out because we were in the middle of the woods. Prinz answered the door with Scotty's huge Rambo knife ready, in case it was an axe murderer or something of the like (haha), but it was just one of the neighbors, who came up to tell us he'd chopped up the big tree that was blocking the path. Yay for Sarah's car not being stuck at the cabin anymore.

After that, we moved the room around, put the mattresses that were in the loft on the floor in front of the fireplace, and sat down to watch Predator because Schab wanted to see the first 7 minutes of it. We ended up watching all of it, although everyone fell asleep during it except me and Schab. When it was over, Schab went and slept in the loft, and for the next 3 hours, everyone was asleep, mostly. Schab wanted to leave at 530 because he had to work this morning at 10 (on Long Island), and since Sarah was going right home from the cabin, he had to drive the rest of us back to Marist, and so we all had to be up for that time. I kept waking up every once in a while because of the wind. It was sooooo loud and soooo strong, it was a little scary. And it didn't let up...my alarm went off at 5 and the wind was probably stronger than it had been before. In fact, it blew open the front door to the cabin - which was locked. That was pretty scary. But then everyone got up, we rearranged the cabin, attempted to pack EVERYTHING into Sarah's car including the 7 of us (not going to happen), and when that didn't work, the four guys and Heidi decided to walk down to Schab's car while Sarah and I followed in her car. Luckily, no more trees had fallen in the early hours of the morning and we made it out okay.

So it was about 6 in the morning when we got back on the road, and all of us were pretty much falling asleep in the car, except Schab (thank God, considering he was driving), who was oddly completely alert. They dropped us off at J2 and I crashed in Lisa's bed because she was in Boston for a regata for the weekend, and there was no way I was going to walk back to A6 and wake up Kristen and Mo at 7 in the morning. Heidi and I got up at noon and I came back here and showered to get the fire smell off my body, but my comforter still reeks of it. I was going to wash it but I don't really want to because it's so big, so I guess I'll just hope the smell dissipates.

So overall, the cabin was definitely a fun experience once again. This time it wasn't as cold at night - I actually woke up sweating a few times even though the fire was dying down - and we had our share of adventures and laughs. Can't wait til the next trip up there. :-)

Some pictures:

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